About Us

The Daily Cluck originated on June 27th, 2020 during the beginning of COVID 19.  Owners, Melissa Ravenswoode and Zachary Earl came together to create a group . Due to it's popularity, and the hard-work and determination for its owners, The Daily Cluck was able to grow into what it is today, an informative, supportive space, where like-minded people can come and share their love of nature and the outdoors. 

From that success, both Melissa and Zachary decided to grow their ideas even more - combining their 2 separate businesses into 1.  This ultimately lead to the development of The Daily Cluck Store and online website. Through that they are able to provide over 30 different handmade, homegrown and holistic items such as handcrafted teas, homegrown herbs, handmade soaps and body butters, incense, cat toys, jewelry, and more.